17 November 2011

A letter in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Today the Philadelphia Inquirer published a letter by one of our members, Barbara Quintiliano:

Paul and Huntsman right on torture 
Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman got it right ("Republican candidates target Iran," Sunday). Waterboarding is a form of torture and torture is always wrong. 
Torture has nothing to do with intelligence-gathering, for reputable interrogators know that it produces only false confessions and unreliable information. The fundamental purpose of torture remains the same down through the ages: to terrorize, humiliate, and dehumanize the enemy, whether real or imagined. For this reason, torture can only be the weapon of a scared country, a puny country, certainly not that of a great superpower. 
Let persons of faith join with the National Religious Campaign Against Torture in urging the United States to abolish torture, end extraordinary rendition, close Guantánamo, and give the Red Cross access to prisoners elsewhere. Let the greatness of our nation shine forth again.

Barbara Quintiliano, Malvern

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