17 November 2011

A letter in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Today the Philadelphia Inquirer published a letter by one of our members, Barbara Quintiliano:

Paul and Huntsman right on torture 
Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman got it right ("Republican candidates target Iran," Sunday). Waterboarding is a form of torture and torture is always wrong. 
Torture has nothing to do with intelligence-gathering, for reputable interrogators know that it produces only false confessions and unreliable information. The fundamental purpose of torture remains the same down through the ages: to terrorize, humiliate, and dehumanize the enemy, whether real or imagined. For this reason, torture can only be the weapon of a scared country, a puny country, certainly not that of a great superpower. 
Let persons of faith join with the National Religious Campaign Against Torture in urging the United States to abolish torture, end extraordinary rendition, close Guant√°namo, and give the Red Cross access to prisoners elsewhere. Let the greatness of our nation shine forth again.

Barbara Quintiliano, Malvern

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