21 May 2014

Minutes for the May 2014 meeting

Meeting minutes for Wednesday, 21 May 2014

In attendance: Barbara, Bob, Tilo, Michele, Jeff, Brendan, Kara (via Skype), Struan, Nancy

April minutes approved as written
Treasurer: $500 from Ten Thousand Villages Community Event (December 2013) sent to AI in Boston

Actions and Updates 
  • Mohammad Sadiq Kabudvand
    • Struan brought an action for everyone to sign
    • According to reports, Kabudvand was attacked during the Evin Prison incident on 17 April
  • Evin Prison: AI issued a report about the 17 April incident
  • Death penalty: Brendan shared a Time magazine cover story article from 26 March and there was discussion
  • Meriam Yehya Ibrahim (Sudan)
    • the U.S. State Department has stepped in
    • her execution has been delayed for two years
    • Barbara provided an action for us to sign
  • unnamed woman (Jakarta, Indonesia)
    • woman was gang-raped and accused of adultery
    • she faces a sentence of caning
    • Barbara provided an action for us to sign
Continuing Business and Upcoming Events
  • Movie night at Tilo's: Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, May at 7:30 (Barbara will e-mail everyone)
  • Good Samaritan Fair in Paoli
    • 13-14 June
    • We would like to have a table there. Any volunteers other than Colin?
  • There will be a telephone meeting at the end of July for all AI coordinators
  • Barbara fielded suggestions for topics for a future AI event at the Ethical Society
    • General AI topics
    • Water
    • Palestine
    • making campaigning more effective
    • using social media
New Business

On Friday, 23 May, it will be one year since President Obama promised to close Guantanamo; Barbara circulated a letter for us to sign and mail individually.

Upcoming Events

Meeting on 18 June

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