19 April 2017

Meeting minutes for April 2017

Meeting minutes for Wednesday, 19 April 2017
In attendance: Barbara, Bob, Jeff, Kara

Welcome and Introductions


Our group now has an EIN number for tax purposes. Barbara sent this info to Tilo.
Social media campaign update (Barbara)
  • Group social media account updates
    • Barbara is posting more often to the group Twitter and FB pages.
    • Ovette reposts (from Barbara's Instagram page) items related to AI to the group Instagram page.
    • Marsha posts to the group's G+ page.
    • Meeting announcements: posted to Twitter and FB via Hootsuite
  • FB overview:
    • Definitions
      • "reach" = number of people who saw the ad at least once
      • "impressions" = number of times a post from a page is displayed. (People may see multiple impressions of the same post. For example, if someone sees a page update in news feed and then sees that same update when a friend shares it, that would count as two impressions.) 
      • "engagement" = like, click, comment, or reaction
      • "page views" = individuals who choose to browse a page. (An actual visit to a profile marks a higher level of engagement than simply liking a post in the news feed. This suggests a more active interest than a convenience-based like.)
    • FB announcement of our April meeting was “boosted” (cost: $20) on April 16, 17,  and18 to 22- to 45-year-olds living within 10-mile radius of West Chester, Phoenixville, Radnor
      • An additional “reach” of 490 persons gained for the post 
      • 14 “engagements,” mostly “likes” to the post. Those who liked the post were invited to like our FB page.
      • Cost per engagement: $1.34
    • Plan for FB use
      • Will take time to increase our number of Fb followers (likes to page)
      • We may wish to “boost” a post a few times per year. Targeted advertisements also a possibility
      • One or two tweets/day from AIUSA’s Twitter account being fed into our group’s Twitter and FB accounts for extra content
      • Meetings now posted to online community events calendars of chestercounty.com, delconewsnetwork.com, mainlinemedianews.com, philly.com, phillyfunguide.com 
  • Barbara will check with some local radio and TV stations (e.g., KYW, WHYY) to see if they have a community events calendar or do announcements of community events
  • Struan is checking list of area newspapers to see if they feature print calendar of events
Update on other outreach efforts (Jeff)

Jeff reported on his correspondence with one of AIUSA’s senior directors in an effort to secure names and addresses of members for the purpose of sending them a handwritten invitation to attend our meetings. Jeff also shared tabling ideas.

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