19 February 2020

Minutes for February 2020

Meeting minutes for Wednesday, 19 February 2020
In attendance: Barbara, Jeff, Tilo, Marsha, Struan (via Skype), Bill (via Skype)

Welcome and Introductions


  • Vietnam: release from prison of someone who had been accused of "propaganda agains the state"
  • Uzbekistan: release of a blogger who covers protests and who had been picked up and taken to a mental hospital
  • Honduras: case of indigenous people whose land has been taken-->the government is appointing a group to investigate


  • Treasurer (Tilo): no change in our funds
  • Social Media Director (Barb)
    • Without ads on Patch (which cost about $20), we are reaching 30–50 people
    • Patch has changed management and won't run Barb's essays—says that the essays are "too promotional" and that Patch wants to focus on more local stuff; Barb is appealing and requesting clarification

  • Activist Still Held in Detention (Senegal): UA 171.19
  • Journalist Sentenced for "Harassment" (Benin): UA 8.20
  • Prisoner of Conscience's Life at Grave Risk (Venezuela): UA 4.20
  • Kurdish Iranian Man at Risk of Execution (Iran): UA 116.18
Old Business

  • Discussion about looking for a new meeting place that will make it easier for us to use Skype calls, watch movies, and host speakers. For next time, each person is asked to investigate one possible meeting place.

New Business

  • Discussion about fundraising for local Cameroonian refugees. We feel moved to help them, but there are concerns about whether this falls under the purview of our group. 
  • Bill will investigate to see if there are groups in the USA already involved with Cameroon.
  • NEXT MONTH: Discuss whether we want to do anything about fundraising.

Upcoming Events

  • Next group meeting: Wednesday, 18 March 2020, 7:30 p.m., Wegmans cafe in Malvern

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