28 December 2011

Minutes from the December 2011 meeting

Amnesty International Group 342
Meeting Minutes
21 December 2011

In attendance: Jeff Singleton, Gina Buckman, Nancy Geist, Colin Evans, Marsha Brofka-
Berends, Barbara Quintiliano, Bob Rondini. Tilo Stahl, Christa Byrnes, April Zappaterini

I. Review of minutes from last meeting

Discussed November meeting minutes and made corrections. These are up online.

II. Reports

Treasurer’s Report

We have a total of $683 in our account and another $174 in cash. 

If you have not paid your annual Group 342 dues please do so.  A suggested amount of $25 per member is recommended.

Group 342 Coordinator's Report

There was a good turnout at Ten Thousand Villages in Exton on 10 December 2011 for our holiday card–writing event.  More than 40 holiday cards were completed and mailed to prisoners of conscience and human-rights activists around the world.

The new STEM Academy in the Downingtown Area School District will be starting an Amnesty International chapter beginning in January 2012. Michele Bolay will be the group's advisor.
Jeff Singleton and Colin Evans will be meeting with the principal on 6 January 2012.

Area Coordinator's Report

April Zappaterini has decided to stay on as area coordinator. 

III. Actions:

We wrote letters for the 2011 Amnesty International Global Write-a-thon in support of:

  • Jabbar Savalan of Azerbaijan
  • Jalila al Salman and Mahdi Abu Deeb of Bahrain
  • Jean-Claude Roger Mbede of Cameroon
  • Liu Xiaobo of China
  • Filep Karma of Indonesia
  • Majid Tavakkoli and Behareh Hedayat of Iran
  • Ines Fernandez Ortega and Valentina Rosendo Cantu of Mexico
  • Residents of Port Harcourt Settlements in Nigeria
  • Shin Sook-ja and others at the Yodok Political Prison Camp in North Korea
  • Ragihar Manoharan of Sri Lanka
  • Christi Cheramie of the USA
  • Reggie Clemons on the USA
  • Shaker Aamer at Guantanamo in the USA
  • Fatima Hussein Badi of Yemen
  • Jenni Williams and Women of Zimbabwe Arise in Zimbabwe

IV. Updates

Case File Updates

Gina Buckman will bring a letter on behalf of Siti Zainab Binti Duhri Rupa of Saudi
Arabia to our next meeting.

Marsha Brofka-Berends will bring a letter on behalf of Mohammad Sadiq Kabudvand of
Iran to our next meeting.

NRCAT Update

On 11 January 2012 there will be an event in Washington, DC, to mark the 10th anniversary of the arrival of the first prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. NRCAT, Amnesty International, Witness Against Torture, and other human rights organizations will join forces in protest. It will start with a rally at noon at Lafayette Square, followed by a human chain from Congress to the White House, and ending with an interfaith service at 3 p.m. at NY Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Death Penalty Update

Brendan Hickey will no longer be able to regularly attend meetings due to his new job. He has agreed to continue to post and update us on any death penalty actions. He is looking into starting an Amnesty International group in Delaware.

V. Presentations

None tonight.

VI. New Business

Our Facebook site is up and running.

VII. Other Items

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, 18 January 2012, at 7:30 p.m. in the cafe of the Wegman's in Malvern.

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