18 December 2013

Minutes of the December 2013 meeting

Meeting minutes for Wednesday,18 December 2013

In attendance: Barbara, Bob, Tilo, April, Brendan, Gina, Jeff, Alex, Jorge, Mark, Phyllis, Marsha, Struan

Treasurer's Report (Tilo)

  • Members are reminded to pay the $25 annual group dues.

Actions and Updates 

New Business
  • Global Write for Rights event at Ten Thousand Villages on Saturday, 14 December, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Big success: 70 cards signed
  • In-store location made it easier to interact with visitors (and stay warm!)
  • Guest speaker: Jorge Salazar of the Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition and the New Sanctuary Movement (Philadelphia)
  • Jorge's personal story
  • Overview of proposed PA Dream Act (SB 713)
  • Discussion of activism possibilities (contacting legislators, reaching out to regular citizens to get their support for these measures)
Upcoming Events
  • Meetings on 15 January and 19 February
  • Barbara to speak about AIUSA to the Rotary Club in Frazer (5 March, 7–8:30 a.m.)

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