20 August 2014

Minutes for the August 2014 Meeting

Meeting minutes for Wednesday, 20 August 2014

In attendance: Barbara, Bob, Jeff, Kara (via Skype), Struan, Tilo, Gina


Treasurer’s report: Amount of current balance in treasury: $730. (Corrected from July minutes, which did not reflect contribution sent to AIUSA central office.)

Actions and Updates 

  • Siti Zainab Binti Rupa (Saudi Arabia case file): Gina received some information regarding Siti from Karen Berry of the Bethlehem AIUSA group. Siti has not been executed and is still in prison. At the September meeting Gina will bring Siti's prison address and Barbara will bring card for us to sign and send to her.
  • Appeal to President Obama to release the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA detainee treatment without CIA redactions. (This is an initiative of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture.)
  • Appeals to the Egyptian president al-Sisi and the public prosecutor in regards to the upcoming trial of 494 defendants.
  • Appeal to the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu to lift the Gaza blockade on humanitarian grounds.

New Business

Member profiles

  • The AIUSA Group 342 blog will feature occasional profiles of our members, written by freelance writer and member Kara Aiello.
  • Kara is featured in an August blog post written by Barbara.
  • Jeff offered to give short interview to Kara for a future blog post and will contact her.
Upcoming Events

Meeting on Wednesday, 17 September

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