19 August 2014

Meet AIUSA Group 342 member Kara Aiello

(This is the first in a series of occasional posts featuring members of AIUSA Group 342, ordinary people with a passion for human rights.)

Social worker, freelance writer, and wheelchair dance artist, Kara Aiello joins us each month via Skype. In her writing for Montgomery County Community College, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and the online magazine mobileWOMEN, she presents the interests and activities of the disabled community to the wider public. A longtime member of American DanceWheels Foundation, Kara also volunteers with Caring Hospice and enjoys traveling.

Reflecting on why AIUSA’s work is important to her, Kara offers these thoughts:
I have always cared deeply about what happens in this world and love to meet people from all walks of life and to learn to understand their stories and experiences. I joined AI back in the 1990s, but over time life got in the way and I lost my connection to the organization. This past year I felt a deep desire to join AI again, because my interest in the human experience and story has never left me. I think it is important to understand the side of those who are victims of human rights violations as well as those who cause harm. If we don’t, we will never truly understand how to make human rights a reality for us all.

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