21 November 2014

Meet AIUSA Group 342 member Jeff Singleton

(This is part of a series of occasional posts featuring members of AIUSA Group 342, ordinary people with a passion for human rights.)

Jeff Singleton has been a member of AIUSA for twelve years. He first became interested in the organization in his early 20s, when (in an ethics class) he read an AI report about the brutality humans can inflict on one another. He was very upset and surprised by what he read, and his Christian beliefs reinforced his desire to support human rights.

He joined the West Chester chapter when he took his daughter to karate class, but left when her class changed location. After a two-year break, he returned to AI and served as the organizer for Group 342 for five years.

The world is full of suffering and sorrow, but Jeff hopes that Amnesty International will achieve human rights for all. He loves the West Chester group and its dedication for human rights but wishes more members would join.  If he were the only member of the group, he would keep the organization going because he believes in it strongly.          

When Jeff first joined Group 342, he would invite potential members and give prizes to encourage others to come. To attract more members now, he is planning to use handwritten letters to invite people to attend meetings. 

Currently, Jeff teaches 12-year-olds in the public school system. He has done this for the past 25 years and loves it. Before becoming a teacher, Jeff was a parish minister in a Presbyterian church and for seven years prior to that a minister in Gladwyne and Lancaster.

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