13 December 2014

2014 Global Write for Rights

Today we held our annual outreach/fundraising event as part of Amnesty International's yearly Global Write for Rights campaign. We set up a table in the Ten Thousand Villages shop in Exton and invite passersby to write cards and letters on behalf of several prisoners of conscience and to those individuals themselves. 

Each year AI highlights 10-12 different cases and asks activists around the world to deluge relevant government officials, world leaders, and the case individuals with as many letters as possible within a two-week period. 
During our four-hour event, we collect dozens of letters and chat with numerous people (and invite them to attend one of our meetings and to get more involved with AI). We also raise a bit of money (useful for covering our postage and stationery costs!), because this is also part of the Ten Thousand Villages Community Event program, which helps local nonprofit groups raise money by donating to the group a portion of sales during the event period. 

We had a great turnout, with several group members spending a chunk of their Saturday staffing the table and helping out. 

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