17 December 2014

Meeting minutes for December 2014

Meeting minutes for Wednesday, 17 December 2014

In attendance: Barbara, Jeff, Kara, Tilo, Gina, Nancy

Actions and Updates 
  • Cards and letters related to the 2014 Global Write for Rights campaign (for those who were unable to attend the event at Ten Thousand Villages on 13 December)

New Business

Jeff's profile has been posted on our blog.

Our annual Global Write for Rights event generated 74 cards and letters.

Marking and publicity efforts: Barbara checked with Kathleen Lucas and found out that April is still the manager of http://amnestyeastpa.org/. Barbara will contact April to ask about transferring management of the page to someone in this area.

At the January meeting, we'll be discussing I Am Troy Davis by Jen Marlowe and Martina Correia-Davis.

On 11 January, the annual Close Guantanamo vigil and march will be held in Washington D.C. It's organized by a coalition of organizations, including AIUSA.

  • Ron Coburn (coordinator of the Philly AI group) will be taking a Megabus from 30th Street Station (leaving between 8 and 9 a.m.). The Philly group pays the Megabus transportation fee for members who go.
  • Group 342 votes to fund members up for $30 for participating in AIUSA actions. This will be done on a trial basis. Tilo suggests creating an annual budget to include anticipated expenditures for trips and postage.

AI Group 112 (Philadelphia) is holding a write-a-ton on Thursday, 18 December. Catered refreshments will be provided. Ten members of the chapter will give short presentations on the ten cases highlighted in this year's Global Write for Rights.

Upcoming Events

Meeting on Wednesday, 21 January, 7:30 p.m., Wegman's cafe in Malvern

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