09 March 2016

Meeting AIUSA Group 342 Member Colin Evans

(This is part of a series of occasional posts featuring members of AIUSA Group 342, ordinary people with a passion for human rights.)

Colin Evans, a high school senior at the Downingtown STEM Academy, has been attending the meetings of Amnesty International Group 342 since he was in the 7th grade. Hoping to study international politics and economics as well as pursue a career in diplomacy, he has yet to select a college to attend next year.

Colin hopes that Amnesty International will continue to be the voice of reason and dignity for those whose rights are infringed upon daily. He fears that Amnesty International's mission has become too broad and that its efforts would be more effective if the organization focused on freeing prisoners of conscience, ending torture, and abolishing the death penalty. 

"I think that our local organization does a wonderful job at fighting for human rights around the world and would only advise that they find ways to recruit more people, both young and old to the cause," he says. And he hopes that nationally, Amnesty can fix internal issues that threaten to undermine its efforts and learn to develop a public awareness program that expands support for its mission.

(This photo is Colin's Halloween costume from last year. Scary!)

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