18 May 2016

Meeting minutes for May 2016

Meeting minutes for Wednesday, 18 May 2016

In attendance: Bob, Gina, Colin, Marsha, John

Welcome and Introductions

John Melniczek joined us for the first time this evening. He has a long history with a now-defunct AI group in the Pottstown area and is looking into getting active with AI again.
  • Congratulations to Colin Evans, a passionate human-rights activist and member of our group since he was in middle school, who is about to graduate from high school and will soon be off to college! (He was recently profiled in our group blog here.)
  • Paul Hayward, the manager of Ten Thousand Villages in Exton, has generously arranged for our group to be the beneficiary of a community shopping event there on Saturday, 28 May, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Anyone who wants to be present for the event can do so, but we do not have to staff our table in order to benefit from the event. Barbara will drop off some of our literature at the store.
  • Our September meeting will have a guest speaker: Emily Abendoth of DecarceratePA will talk about mass incarceration and also about LifeLines, a project that focuses on those serving life without parole in PA.
  • At our April meeting we signed 35 cards as part of the annual AI Nowruz action.
  • AI says that the 2015 Write for Rights was a big success!
  • The Bethlehem AI group has been dissolved
New Business
  • How can we make connections with local AI groups (including those at colleges and universities)? Let's ask Savannah for contact information for local groups.
  • Do we wish to suspend our meetings during July and August? Let's discuss this further and decide at the June meeting.
  • Let's contact AIUSA to ask about placing a group order for AI t-shirts. (Marsha will do this.)
  • Leonard Peltier (online version here)
  • Mohammed Sadiq Kabudvand, our case file: no recent updates or new campaigns, so we are sending a general letter

Upcoming Events
  • July meeting: Wednesday, 20 July 7:30 p..m, Wegmans in Malvern, PA

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