20 November 2019

Minutes for November 2019

Meeting minutes for Wednesday, 20 November 2019
In attendance: Barbara, Bob, Jeff, Gina, Tilo, Struan, Marsha

Welcome and Introductions


  • Minutes (Marsha)
  • Treasurer (Tilo)
  • Social media director (Barbara)
  • Group 342 coordinator (Jeff): Update on the new Amnesty International Main Line Group
    • Planned for September launch, but Edwin didn't send out invitations to local AIUSA members, so decided to wait
    • October (launch meeting): 1300 invitations sent, 1 person showed up
    • November (second meeting): 2600 invitations sent, meeting was canceled but there was 1 walk-in

Special Report on AIUSA Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference (Bob and Barb)

  • Held in downtown Richmond, VA
  • Bob's report
    • Session on what to say (and not to say) when being interviewed as a representative of Amnesty International
    • Session called "Stop State-Sanctionoed Killing in the US"
    • PLAN method: proportionality, legality, accountability, necessity
    • several states considering legistration on what police can and can't do
    • Session on climate change
    • Local group caucus (Prachi has left AI; Angelina C is now our new area rep) 
    •  "What would Eleanor Roosevelt say? Are human rights universal?"
    • In July 2019 Secretary of State Pompeo started a new commission on human rights (to distinguish between the universal declaration and ad hoc right)
    • Human Rights First sent a letter to Pompeo on 23 July 2019 to express concern about the commission elevating religion and trying to redefine some "inalienable" right in the Declaration as ad hoc
  • Barb's report
    • Session on women's human rights activists in Saudi Arabia: ask the U.S. Senate to support S.Res.73 in support of them
    • Session on detainment of children in Homestead, Florida (AI wants to close that center)
New Business
Should we consider a new meeting site?

2019 Write for Rights cards and letters, part 1 (prepared by Bob and Barbara)

Upcoming Events

  • Fundraising committee meeting: Sunday, 24 November 2019, 9:30 a.m. Green Street Grill in Downingtown
  • Next group meeting: Wednesday, 18 December 2019, 7:30 p.m., Wegmans cafe in Malvern

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