17 June 2020

Minutes for June 2020

Meeting minutes for Wednesday, 17 June 2020
In attendance: Jeff, Barbara, Bob, Tilo, Bill, Laura Galeano (AIUSA program associate with individuals at risk program), Brian (new), Frank (new), Struan, April, Brendan, Marsha

NOTE: June meeting conducted online via Zoom 

Welcome and Introductions

Discussion of AIUSA's use of Zoom

"Zoom censors video talks on Hong Kong and Tiananmen, drawing criticism," Washington Post, 11 June 2020
Laura says there is some discussion at AIUSA  about this
The AIUSA person to contact with your questions/thoughts on this topic is Thomas Bozzell (AIUSA natiional director of information technology) at tbozzell@aiusa.com


  • Asylum Seekers Allowed to Disembark (Malta): UA 87.20
  • Defender Receives Additional Protection (Mexico): UA 58.20
  • Attacks Against Indigenous Communities Investigated (Colombia): UA 70.20

  • Minutes (Marsha): all minutes are up to date
  • Treasurer (Tilo): No change in our funds
  • Social Media Director (Barb): FB, Twitter, Tumblr announcements this month
  • Coordinator (Jeff): Jeff and Barbara attended Zoom meeting of about 50 area coordinators all over the country
    • Group in Bellingham, WA, very involved in Cameroon; interested in collaborating with us, will attend one of our future meetings

New Business
  • Problems with Zoom: company actions contradict Amnesty policies/goals (see Washington Post article linked above)
    • Barb did research on two alternatives: Jitsi and Blue Jeans
    • Jeff inclined to get one-year subscription to Blue Jeans
  • Death penalty update (Brendan): Last night Supreme Court stayed execution of man in Texas

  • Protect Transgender and Intersex People’s Rights (Hungary): UA 92.20
  • Evictions of Vulnerable People (Peru): UA 90.20
  • Blogger Prosecuted for Humorous Post (Tunisia): UA 91.20
More New Business: Discussion of BLM events during the last month
  • Local protests (Malvern, West Chester, Media, Warrington); scene in TN (Bill) and FL (April)
  • Just Mercy
    • free to watch (on multiple platforms) until the end of June
    • we will start the July meeting a half-hour earlier for anyone who wants to discuss this movie
  • April: let's share suggestions for books, films, etc.
  • Some books/documents mentioned:

Upcoming Events
  • Next group meeting: Wednesday, 15 July 2020, 7:30 p.m.
  • PRE-MEETING discussion of Just Mercy starts at 7 p.m.

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