15 July 2020

Minutes for July 2020

Meeting minutes for Wednesday, 15 July 2020
In attendance: Jeff, Barbara, Bob, Tilo, Bill, Frank, Struan, April, Terrie Rodello (guest), Milt Krieger (guest)

NOTE: July meeting conducted online via Zoom 

Discussion of the film Just Mercy

Attendees shared their impressions of the film. Terrie Rodello (AIUSA Oregon death penalty abolition coordinator) contributed information about injustices inherent in the application of death penalty and about its inhumaneness. 

Discussion of conditions in Cameroon

Terrie Rodello (AIUSA’s Central Africa country coordination group chair, Central Africa Activist Network coordinator, Republic of Congo country specialist, longtime Amnesty International member volunteer, and current member of AIUSA Group 48 in Portland, Oregon. She has an MS in management information systems and serves as the AIUSA Oregon death penalty abolition coordinator)

  • Terrie spoke of how she became interested in doing human rights work, citing her educational background and especially her Jesuit instructors, who inspired her with a passion for Catholic social justice teachings. Terrie believes in AI’s role as a voice for the voiceless and for those without connections or money.
  • Terrie will try to get more information from the Central African Coordination Group about the situation in Cameroon and will try to establish a working relationship between Group 48 and our group.

Milton Krieger (member of AIUSA Group 207 in Bellingham, WA)

  • Milt spoke about the current political situation in Cameroon. As one of the country’s former colonial rulers, France has little interest in promoting more egalitarian relations between the English speakers and the French speakers and does not encourage sharing the rich resources in the French-speaking part of the country.
  • Milt cited the leadership of Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA), leader of the Congressional Black Caucus. He hopes that the momentum in Congress will shift after the next election and that Congress will take a greater interest in helping promote human rights in Cameroon.
  • Milt also mentioned the work of Dr. Susan Dicklitch, professor of government at Franklin and Marshall College, who has organized a group of students there to do asylum work. 

  • Human Rights Defenders under Attack (Afghanistan): UA 118.20
  • Political Activist Arbitrarily Detained (Egypt): UA 116.19
  • Young Activist Given 24-Year Jail Sentence (Iran): UA 158.19
  • Journalist Arrested over Defamation Charges (Niger): UA 117.20
  • Protect Human Rights Defender at Risk (Colombia): UA 67.20

Upcoming Events
  • Next group meeting: Wednesday, 19 August 2020, 7:30 p.m.

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