15 December 2021

Minutes for December 2021 meeting

December 15, 2021

AIUSA Group 342 meeting (via Zoom)

WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS [Jeff Singleton]: Jeff, Barbara. Bob, Bill, Tilo, Marsha

REPORTS [5 minutes each]

  • Minutes (Marsha): November minutes were posted right before this meeting
  • Treasurer’s report (Tilo): No change
  • Social Media Director’s Report (Barbara): Jeff wondered if we should have a monthly budget for social media posts? Barb says she’s not feeling so good about Facebook these days; other social media is free; she posts meeting info on our website
  • Group 342 Coordinator’s Report [Jeff Singleton]:  Jeff is enjoying planning meetings with Barb and Bob
  • Amnesty News [Barbara Quintiliano]


  • Gun Violence [Bob Rodini]
    • Should call it “gun violence prevention”
    • Bob and Jeff attended a Sandy Hook commemoration event on December 5; Josh Maxwell talked about his experience with domestic violence while he was mayor of Downingtown
    • Gun violence prevention (GVP) organizations: Every Town for Gun Safety, Ceasefire PA, Moms Demand Action, GunSenseUs, Unitarian Universalists Seeking Justice for All
    • Bob has not seen relevant updates on the AIUSA website
  • Free People From ICE Detention [Bill Schomp]
    • info from AIUSA website “our work” “free people from ICE detention” (amnestyusa.org/campaigns/freethemnow/)
    • AIUSA seems really spread out; Bill will try to find out who at AIUSA is the “czar” for this topic
    • As of October 8: 22292 people detained, many of whom got COVID; AIUSA doesn’t say where those people should go if released
    • actions on the website
    • have any questions? Bill will do the research, will also research if anyone in Congress is trying to do work on this
  • Refugee & Migrant Rights [beginning 01/22]: [Jeff: Does anyone have special interest in this subject?]

UPDATES [5 minutes each]

  • Kabylia Update [Marksen Harouz]—not present tonight
  • Death Penalty Update [Brendan Hickey]—not present tonight


REVIEWS [5 minutes each]

  • Jeff: watched first three episodes of the documentary miniseries Struan recommended (“Can’t Get You Out of My Head”) about how governments infiltrate protest movements
  • Bob: HBO released the documentary The Forever Prisoner about Abu Zubaydah in Guantanamo; he is now insane and will probably be there forever


Online petitions and letters prepped by Barbara and Bob (distributed to our e-mail list before this meeting)

Visit write.amnestyusa.org/good-news/ to see Write for Rights success stories

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