21 September 2022

Minutes for September 2022 meeting

21 September 2022

AIUSA Group 342 meeting (via Zoom)

In attendance: Barbara, Bob, Bill, Struan, Frank, Heather, Marsha

  • Jeff is stepping away from Group 342 for a while.
  • Bill wants to house a refugee—how can he find one?
  • Barbara would like someone to serve as co-organizer for this group. Struan will consider taking this on.
  • Let's think about moving to a hybrid meeting format with occasional in-person meetings at Wegmans.

  • Discussion of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act passed June 25. It's the first law in 28 years to address gun violence prevention. Its features include: firearm safety act support for red flag programs and closing the "boyfriend loophole." Credit card companies now agree to enact tracking code to track gun-related purchases.
  • Recommendation of the Amnesty-promoted documentary The Sweetest Land, about gun violence in Hartford, Connecticut. 
  • There will be a Moms Agains Gun Violence rally in Harrisburg on September 25 to promote candidates who are working on gun violent prevention.

  • Has Amnesty taken this off their website? (Bill can't find it there anymore.)
  • Discussion of the "remain in Mexico" policy.
  • Bill thinks there are fewer urgent actions available these days.

  • The AI banned books website will be up until October 21. 
  • It's kind of like Write for Rights: there's photo for each case, and clicking on it takes you to information about it and a letter for action


NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, October 19, 7:30 p.m.

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