19 October 2022

Minutes for October 2022 meeting

19 October 2022

AIUSA Group 342 meeting (via Zoom)

In attendance: Barbara, Bob, Heather, Emily



  • Write for Rights will launch on November 1. We will sign petitions during our November and December meetings (although AI usually extends the deadline to the end of January).


  • Verdict in Stoneman High School shooting: Imposition of the death penalty in Florida requires a unanimous decision on the part of the jury. Unanimity was not reached, and an automatic sentence of life without parole was imposed on convicted shooter. Gov. DeSantis is calling for changes to Florida's death penalty law. 
  • A shooter with a felony record was able to purchase ammunition in Philadelphia. because Pennsylvania lacks state laws requiring background checks. This person was one of several suspects in the deadly shooting at Roxborough High School on September 27.
NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, November 16, 7:30 p.m (via Zoom)

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